Health Assessment and Consultations
In the initial consultation, we will look at your current lifestyle habits and discuss your areas of concern.  We will establish a customized plan of action that you are comfortable with implementing. These plans typically include diet and nutritional changes, stress reduction and self-care techniques, herbal and/or homeopathic recommendations, and exercise recommendations, to name a few.  Every situation is unique and will be customized to accommodate your specific needs.  We will work on one layer of your health at a time, being careful not to overwhelm the body and mind and being respectful of the pace that you are able to work at.  In addition to an in-depth intake form that you will fill out prior to your appointment, RuthAnna may also use other forms of assessment such as muscle testing, iridology, body analysis (face, tongue, nails, etc) and various laboratory tests to help get to the root cause of your health issues. Certain tests are invaluable when getting to the root cause of health issues.  They help indicate specific imbalances so that our efforts can be focused and our plan is more customized. Various testing may be recommended at certain times depending on the individual. Subsequent consultations are crucial, and will allow for follow-up, review of tests, and various changes in your recommendations as needed.

Your initial consultation is very thorough, as it is important for RuthAnna to have a broad understanding of the state of your health and lifestyle. Download and complete the intake form and please return at least a week prior to your scheduled appointment. Please feel free to attach any other information that you would like reviewed. This will allow RuthAnna the time to begin to familiarize herself with your current situation and it maximizes your time together in the appointment. After your initial consultation, you will receive a follow-up email that includes a recap of your customized plan, along with any resources, websites, recommendations, etc. that may be helpful to you.

Please email your completed intake form to:

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CranioSacral Therapy
Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive form of bodywork that addresses restrictions in the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum.  The goal is to release compression of these bones to allow the fluid of the craniosacral system to flow freely, therefore alleviating stress and pain and allowing the innate healing mechanisms of the body to operate optimally. Because this work addresses the Central Nervous System, which affects most functions of the body and mind, the positive effects of Craniosacral Therapy are far reaching. CranioSacral Therapy helps balance the autonomic nervous system, which is split into two branches; the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. These systems determine whether we are in “fight or flight” mode or “rest and digest” mode. In today’s society, we tend to get stuck in “fight or flight” mode, which elicits a strong stress response that can wreck havoc on the body and mind. Stress is at the root of most illnesses today. This therapy can help correct this imbalance, helping us to reside more in the “rest and digest” mode, which is the state at which the body can heal and repair itself.  A few common conditions this therapy has been effective in providing relief are: Migraine Headaches, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Learning Disabilities, Hormonal Imbalances, TMJ, Stress and Tension related problems, and Chronic Fatigue.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis
A hair tissue mineral analysis, which provides a mineral blueprint of one’s biochemistry, can provide pertinent information about metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, stage of stress, immune system, and glandular function. Minerals are the “spark plugs” of life and play important health related roles within the human body. Providing a “window into the cells”, hair makes an excellent biopsy material and reveals a clear record of mineral absorption. A hair tissue mineral analysis reflects long term metabolic activity as it measures an average mineral accumulation over a three month period of time. This is often an advantage, as the test results are not influenced by day-to-day variations in body chemistry due to stress, diet, or other factors.

Saliva Hormone Testing
Using saliva as a testing medium reflects bioactive levels in the tissues of the body, leading to more accurate results than serum (blood) hormone tests. With these tests, we can look at things like cortisol, DHEA, all 3 forms of estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, and melatonin. These markers give an excellent picture of what is going on in your endocrine system, thus effecting your entire well-being.

Gastrointestinal Fecal Testing
Hippocrates quotes “All disease begins in the gut.” GI pathogen screens help to determine what may be going on in the gut, including imbalances like parasites, H. pylori, yeast, certain bacteria, etc. These conditions can cause a whole host of problems, including malabsorption, compromised digestion, and a degradation of the mucosal lining of the gut.

Urine Testing
This is a cost effective screening of some of the body’s most fundamental functional systems: detoxification, digestion, and antioxidant capacity. A 24 hour iodine loading test may be used to determine iodine status in the body.

Blood Testing
Tests requiring certain markers that are found in blood are referred to a local lab that is qualified to draw blood.

BioEnergetic Assessments
A BioEnergetic Assessment is designed to energetically evaluate imbalances in the body. Once imbalances are identified, then a health plan can be devised which may include a customized diet, educational material, products such as homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements, and other appropriate products. BioEnergetic Assessment is not a medical diagnosis but instead is intended as a measurement of resonance.

Bach Flower Therapy
Approaching health from a holistic stand point includes addressing emotional imbalances in the body. Negative emotional states can wreak havoc on all areas of your life, including your physical health.  Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician in the early 1900’s, discovered 38 flower remedies, each one corresponding to a particular emotional state. Following a Bach Flower questionnaire and your assessment, RuthAnna can create a customized flower blend to help harmonize your current emotions.

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Essential Oils
Essentials oils can be a valuable adjunct to a healing protocol and healthy living. Essential oils are the most concentrated form of herbal medicine. They are powerful, medicinal substances that contain compounds that react with our bodies on the cellular level. They can be beneficial to all aspects of our being; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Numerous scientific studies have proven that essential oils are effective in healing; some of the most common are lavender oil for burns and relaxation, peppermint for soothing headaches, and frankincense in the treatment of cancer. RuthAnna can create a customized essential oil blend in a dropper bottle or convenient roller-ball applicator.

Iridology is the science of determining acute, sub-acute, chronic, and degenerative stages in the affected organs of the body through their corresponding areas in the iris, the colored portion of the eye. The iris contains bundles of thousands of nerve fibers that reflect the condition of the entire body. The iris is connected to every organ and tissue of the body by way of the brain and central nervous system through the optic nerve. Iridology is one form of analysis that RuthAnna uses to help customize your plan and hone in on areas that may need extra attention.

Please watch this video for instructions on how to take a clear iris picture and submit with your intake form for review.

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